So you’ve decided to buy a didgeridoo. What are the parameters of the selected instrument?
The market is filled with a variety of offers – from very cheap bamboo didgeridoo to this Australian that differ significantly in price.

What should pay attention to the details in the first place:

Visual inspection

  • Look inside the tool and make sure that it is stripped from the inside well, that there is no protruding splinters of wood. The smoother the surface of the inner DJ, the better it will sound.
  • Pay attention to the mouthpiece. Its inside diameter should be about 30 mm. Also, touching his lips to the didgeridoo and feel how well-treated wood. It is very important. The mouthpiece should be perfectly smooth and pleasant to the touch.
  • Carefully inspect the didgeridoo on all sides, and check for cracks. If you find embedded cracks, do not be alarmed. Many of the wood a little crack when dry. Tree – a living thing that changes constantly. If the crack is embedded well, not superficially, the didgeridoo will last you for many years without problems. Proof of this are sawn in half and stuck together artisans DJ.
  • Pay attention to the quality of lacquering (without stains and drops). From didgeridoo should not smell like paint, it should be non-toxic.


  • Before buying a didgeridoo, decide the tone in which you would like to vibrate. The lowest note is usually Before, intended for meditation, slow play on didgeridoo. Fe is the most common median option allows you to play both fast and slow rhythms. Notes Mi, Fa and above are suitable for clear, sharp, brisk, dynamic playing didgeridoo.
  • Didgeridoo must have good back pressure. This means that the sound should not “fall through” and may “lean” to the internal pressure, which creates a certain amount, which is created by the wall of the tool. The back pressure is important in the development of the art of circular breathing. It was in that moment, when you exhale, you must at the same time to make breath.
  • Feel the vibration of the didgeridoo. Didge should “plant” and fluctuations walls instrument should be strongly manifested.
  • Check out how easy it is to extract as the main sound “drone” and “Trumpet” (pereduv).
  • Make sure their key form harmony.