A djembe is a musical instrument which appeared in Mali, once a mighty West African state founded in the 13th century. Step by step, these African drums became popular on the surrounding territories of such West African states as Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast and others. In 1940’s, African djembes began their journey around the world. A popular band of that time called Les Ballets Africains, which toured actively around different countries and continents, used this instrument and presented its magic and mysterious sound. Nowadays, djembe has achieved its popularity. A big number of bands worldwide use its wonderful magic influence on the audience’s ears in their concert programs.

The sound of the African djembe drum is unique due to its shape which is similar to a cup with the upper side which is wider compared to the bottom. When people buy African djembes, they often pay attention to this feature only. But there are also other kinds of African percussion instruments having the similar shape, like an ashiko drum made of glued wooden stripes. To buy an authentic djembe, you need to know some main features of this drum. If a drum is made of a solid wood piece, it is probably an authentic djembe.

In Moscow, there is a wide range of different stores where customers are offered to choose a certain instrument from a wide range of the so-called djembes, the one which can be bought by high-quality music listeners after some doubts and consultations. If a consultant is skilled and professional enough it will tell a true African djembe drum from fake ones and make sure that the drum membrane is made of authentic goat, antelope, zebra, deer or cow skin. Goat skin is used more often. The average djembe drum height is about 60 cm. The average diameter of the drum membrane is about 30 cm. With the use of a special rope or special clips, a drummer can regulate the straining of the skin membrane, which changers the drum sound. An African drum should have beautiful, full and bass sound which will bring a special unique note to every musical fragment or composition together with other musical instruments. Skilled drummers can play wonderful mysterious African djembe solos which will bring the audience to the distant savanna, to the kingdom of lions and the stunning sun!

Djembe is the voice of African savanna. If we look at the place and the suggested time of djembe invention, it becomes obvious that African masters made it from the most available materials in their everyday life. That is why discussions about the principal choice of choosing an Africam djembe drum made of certain wood species or certain skin of a special animal have no reasons at all. Africa is a continent where there are still tribes which saved the traditions of ancient times in the state of nature. The tradition of making such an instrument as an African drum has come through centuries and entered the new millennium unchanged. Due to the djembe sound, modern music lovers are able to feel the influence of this ancient instrument on a modern man spoiled by civilization and turned off from wildlife for a long time.

The voice of djembe wakes some forgotten tribal instincts in the inner space, which once belonged to every man on earth and were common for human nature, regardless all artificial racial and continental differences. The heart of the ancient Adam once begins to beat in the chest of a future hunter and warrior, the father of a mighty family tree, the main and true man of this world, in the rhythm of the bass coming from the wooden throat of a djembe – the instrument of ancient hunters of the African savanna!.. These mighty, deep, practically unconscious but stunning feelings made by djembe sounds are those which can explain the unusual popularity of the African djembe drum nowadays. Moscow is not an exception here! Africa, which is far from us, is shown in some images born from the traditional music of its folks masterly played by the modern maestros of percussion instruments! Of course, some people wish not only to be guided by the power of tribal instincts and come through unusual emotions which are so common at the same time, but also to have the power upon the instrument and use its magic force giving the possibility to play with human instincts, turning the audience into stone by the wave of remembrance living in the genetic code of the past centuries of the inner human space. You wish to buy a djembe and to own the eternity!.. Nothing can prevent from the right to own such ancient tribal force – you can own it and do what you want if your soul asks for that! Our EthnoMagic online store can help you to own such a wonderful instrument. You can buy a djembe easily, purchasing it at www.ethno-magic.com website. We offer you only best instruments chosen with love.