Vibes from a shamanic drum will pass you into the depth of your consciousness. After buying a shamanic tambourine, travel to other worlds, look around, feel and taste the things beyond our world. Stop using your cell phone as we can receive and send messages using the drum. Shamanic drums for sale at our website are made in the sacred land of living shamanism, in the heart of the Bali island.

Every hand drum is unique. Before you choose your shamanic drum, listen to the inner vibration. You can buy a plain drum at our website either with fur or without it. Hand drums having fur have a deeper bass character, their vibration is closer to the heart of the earth. The low vibration of furry drums is related to death and fears. If you want to overcome all your fears, a shamanic drum can help you with that. If you decided to buy a bald shaman’s drum, you should face a trip into the rich world of overtones. Bald drums have a richer sound range as the shaved fur doesn’t block the resonance. The shaved membrane has different resonance frequency depending on the touch place. Such shamanic drums are more ‘singing’ and ‘talking’. Listen to your heartbeat… take the drum and the stick… and express the trance and and the pulse of life…

You can also buy a pictured shamanic drum online at our website. Such drum can become your best friend and a beautiful native decoration of your space. All the pictures were drawn by the professional artist using acrylic painting and aerograffiti. Buy a drum with a shamanic picture as an original present for a real man. Meditate when drumming, and the hand drum sound will relax and soothe your body and mind. Concentrate on the vibration, create your intention, and it will surely become reality. Be sure that low frequencies will help.

If your body and mind are strong enough, you can buy a large shamanic tambourine of 70 cm in size. You should have male power to hold a big drum in your hand. Maybe the spirits will help you for some time and you will forget about your body in the state of trance.

60 cm are the universal size for a hand drum. Buying such a shamanic drum, you will get the middle way in one. A 60 cm drum is rather strong and loud and quite heavy. Such drum will suit most people except teenagers and small women. If you are a tender and fragile creature, we advice you to buy a 50 cm hand drum. A furry shamanic drum will sound heavier than a bald one. A 40 cm drum will suit kids and teenagers. Its weight is about 500 grams. A 40 cm hand drum will have a high sound. For bringing up more bass, it is better to wash the membrane by your wet hand or a moist piece of cloth.