Similar to hang musical instruments today are collectively called “handpan”. “Hand” is for hand, and “pan” means “heritage” and reflects the roots of this instrument coming from Trinidad “steelpan” – insular instrument which is considered as a main ancestor of Swiss Hang. Handpans come in various sizes and dimensions, differ in sound and quality.

Officially today there are near 100 hang workshops in the world. All handpans bear their own names depending on the manufacturer.  All handpans are descendants of the very first hang, that was created by Swiss company Panart in 2000 and is considered as the first instrument of this type. We omit the history of hang creation – there are a lot of information about it around.

How to buy a Spacedrum?

Spacedrum is produced in France. There are 6, 8 and 13-notes version of this musical instrument. Price range, respectively – 875, 1390 and 1670 euros. Spacedrum website. You car order Spacedrum here.

Therefore everything is simple. Ordering, waiting for about half a year, pay – and your Spacedrum are delivered. More information about Spacedrum are available on our website in this section.

Spacedrum brand is a part of Trinidad steeldrum and Hang family. The company was initially engaged in production of steelpans (steeldrums). But first thing first.

Spacedrum — is the product of cooperation between famous steelpan master Philip Maignaut and Djoliba music store.

Music Store Djoliba is located in Toulouse and founded in 1999. The purpose of the store – to offer people greater choice of unusual musical instruments, mainly drums and percussion. Djoliba was the only store in France selling Hangi from Panart, from 2002 to 2005.

Philip Maignaut — one of the most famous and respected French steelpan masters. He has been manufacturing and selling them for almost 20 years. Since 2004, Philippe Maignaut and Djoliba work together as business partners in steelpan production.

In 2005 Djoliba began to receive more and more orders for  hangs from their customers but wasn’t able to meet the growing demand for Panart hangs. Then Djoliba and Philip Maignaut decided to start Spacedrum project which was aimed to create a similar to hang musical instrument.

Due to these three dimensions Spacedrum scale can be pentatonic, diatonic or chromatic. It’s also possible to order the instrument with individual settings and one of three dimensions (19, 21 or 24 inches in diameter).

It can be played with your fingers and with special sticks for steelpans. There is a rubber circle around the instrument. This circle is removable, you can play with or without it, depending of the sound you like (bright or muted).

You can order instrument on our websites. There is possibility of online instrument testing on both websites.

How to buy a handpan from BaliSteelPan?

This handpan is one of the most affordable by price. Instrument is made od metal taken from the large 200-liter oil barrels and is covered with thin layers of primer and paint.

The sound of Bali Steel Pan has both pluses and minuses. On the plus side is his volume and long sound with strong metal resonance. The downside is a light metallic overtone and high sensitivity to scratches.

BaliSteelPan website. The price is $1350 with shipping. Email at, asking to include you on a waiting list – and wait. The waiting time for today – nearly a year.

Recently there appeared an opportunity  to order an instrument without long waiting period on website

You will have to pay more than if you order from direct manufacturer! But you don’t have to wait for  your instrument for about a year. If you use website production time of your instrument will be near 2 weeks and than you will get your order just in 5-7 days with DHL shipping.

How to buy Pan Chameleon?

Instruments are made by a man named Kieren Langton. He lives in Germany now. He worked together with Martin from Sun Pan for about a year and now make instruments by himself. You can purchase an instrument on website. Pan Chameleon on You Tube.

How to buy Blue Point Steel Harp?

Instrument called “the Blue Point SteelHarp” – is an instrument that is made in workshop of German company “E.C.S.-Steeldrums”. “E.C.S.-Steeldrums” founder – Eckhard Schulz – is a famous musician, steelpan maker and customizer that dedicate more than 30 years to his craft. Today prices for the Blue Point SteelHarp ranges from 1600 to 1650 €, depening on instrument.

There are 12 major tunings and from 8 to 10 notes. Customization of instrument is possible. Eckhard also involved in tuning instruments from  Innersound Manfred.  Innersound handpans with horizontal membranes  are all tuned by Eckhard.

How to buy Genesis Hand Pan?

Genesis Hand Pan – is a product of “Dave’s Island Instruments” company and it’s master – David Beery.  Production in California. By its appearance and sound Genesis Hand Pan is very similar to BaliSteenPan. Today Genesis Steel Pan is available for purchase in 4 different versions.

Estimated price for today range from $1300 to $1700. More information can be found at David’s website or at “Dave’s Island Instrument” cоmpany’s website.

To listen the sound of Genesis Hand Pan and contact David please visit his YouTube channel.

How to buy Caisa?

Caisa is from Germany. Price range from €1100 to €1400. To purchase an instrument please email at

Let’s summarize. Except for the possibility of buying original hang from Panart (hang are still on sale on Ebay because for 16 years Panart produced quite a few) today there are many options of purchasing  his analogues – handpans.