1. Warm up the lips, massaging them with your fingers before playing. Try to create a lip trill sound on a long exhale a la “pr-prrrrrrr”.
  2. Do not press the mouthpiece too hard to the lips. Keep the average pressure, comfortable enough to produce a sound.
  3. Beginners should practice 20-30 minutes a day, about three times a week.
  4. The problem of “nervous neighbors” is solved by putting the didgeridoo bell under the blanket or under the pillow. But do not plug the socket itself, because sounds should come out of the instrument freely.
  5. When you learn how to produce the basic sound – “drone”, practice it on one long exhale, saving the breath. In the frameworks of this exhalation you will be able to consciously play rhythms and be able to hear them.
  6. Now you’ve learned how to play the basic sound? Excellent! While producing the drone sound on one long exhale try to imitate speaking, moving your tongue in your mouth using the lips and the cheeks saying:
    • di-dge-riiiiiiiiiidoo
    • tow teu
    • taka-taka
  7. As soon as you learned how to produce the drone sound, you can sometimes close your eyes and blowing it, pay attention to how it changes after you:
    • move your tongue in different directions. For example, like a piston.
    • inflate and deflate the cheeks
    • speak with your high or low voice

Taking the time, learn new sounds, and how by changing the oral cavity you can influence it.


Tip 8. Watch YouTube. Search for: Ondrej Smeykal, Dubravko Lapaine, Zalem didgeridoo, Gauthier didgeridoo, Mike Jackson didgeridoo. These are the best didgeridoo players in the world. Explore their style. For listening in your player – Ash Dargan. He has a lot of albums. Should last you a good long while.

Tip 9. Do not be lazy to read the basics about didgeridoo.


  • Don’t stew in your own juices, but visit ethno-concerts and festivals.
  • Attend a constantly active didgeridoo school.
  • Communicate with other didgeridoo-players! This is extremely important!
  • Roman Termit from the didgeridoo school “Australia”.