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Monthly Archives: Декабрь 2016

Jew’s Harp Care

Under normal circumstances, condensate from the heated body and breath evaporates by itself. But if you put it immediately into a case or leave at high humidity, the instrument starts rusting. Well, there is nothing terrible but the look may be ugly. Instruments made of steel need to be wiped dry with any cloth or tissue after playing. Use of alcohol is not necessary. Disinfectants are not for drying metal. In the most humid conditions it can be lubricated by any oil (of course, tea tree oil is much more pleasant than machine oil). Continue reading…

How to play the Jew’s harp. The basics

You have become a happy owner of the Jew’s harp. Now you need to learn how to play. You don’t have to read music, or even have an ear for music. Jew’s harp is a very specific instrument. It does not only restores the health of the whole body, it also calms the spirit. The Jew’s harp will help enter the desired state of mind. Specific vibrations you produce on the Jew’s harp, will help to relax and unwind. Continue reading…

How to make a homemade shamanic drum beater

There are a variety of opinions on proper construction of a shaman drum. Usually, they correspond to ideas and needs of a player. If the goal is to become a real shaman there is one approach. If just to have fun or for „clownery“ — another. Accordingly, technologies of making a drum are changing. Continue reading…

The shamanic drum playing technique. Recommendations

It’s all simple here too.

Take a position that is most comfortable and not distracting. The drum and the beater must match by weight and size and sit comfortably in the hands. The body should be active, but not tense. Anyway, find a position, when the holding the drum and the beater does not strain and distract you. Try starting with a steady beat, with no rhythmic figures. Find the most convenient frequency and a spot you enjoy to beat the most. Continue reading…

Shamanic Paradoxes

Shamanism for dummies. Or what we should do with the drum.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, in matters of shamanism it is not worth it to state anything with 100% certainty. The thing is that there are a whole lot of opinions on all the crucial issues concerning the topic. And, paradoxically, almost all of them are true. Continue reading…

Drum Care

Many shamanic or ritual drum owners complain because this instrument needs care. The drum shape may change slightly over time, the skin can crack a bit and sag. All this can happen because of improper care, transport and use. Let’s begin with a simple example. Continue reading…

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