Many shamanic or ritual drum owners complain because this instrument needs care. The drum shape may change slightly over time, the skin can crack a bit and sag. All this can happen because of improper care, transport and use. Let’s begin with a simple example.

  • If you want to prevent the drum from being scratched, drawing being showered and you also want to keep it protected from all sides, buy a good case for it. This will protect the ritual instrument during transportation and it is less susceptible to external stimuli when in storage.
  • Store it at room temperature, preferably in a case, less correct option is hanging it from the wall. When the temperature drops the drum may slightly warp, so do not store drums in unheated storage rooms and sheds.
  • When using a musical instrument during ritual or shamanic festival, do not leave the drum by the campfire or outdoors for the night. The heat of the fire or dew can temporarily make the drum unusable. Although, if you were caught in the rain at festival, you can dry it out by the fire.
  • There is one more recipe for skin protection from cracking and aging and, as they say, from moisture too. This is an antiquated method. It requires two components: beeswax, 100 g (3.5 oz), and a bottle of turpentine oil (it is non-toxic).
  • The method of making the solution is as follows. Melt the wax in hot water and add the turpentine in it. Carefully lubricate the surface of the drum with the resulting solution. Excellent protection! Recommend to anyone. For drawing on the drum use only acrylic paints, they are resistant to moisture and vibration. Let it make you happy longer! We hope our article will help you care for your favorite ethnic musical instrument!