It’s all simple here too.

Take a position that is most comfortable and not distracting. The drum and the beater must match by weight and size and sit comfortably in the hands. The body should be active, but not tense. Anyway, find a position, when the holding the drum and the beater does not strain and distract you. Try starting with a steady beat, with no rhythmic figures. Find the most convenient frequency and a spot you enjoy to beat the most.

At the beginning, the fewer movements you make, the better. Start with simple light hand movements, as if easily throwing the beater at the membrane, and catching the rebound.

It is necessary to achieve full automaticity of these movements, so as not to consciously control the pulsation. If you can keep throbbing non-stop and without rest, at least for half an hour, not controlling every beat, things got rolling. If you are sweating after 5 minutes and the hands are very tired, then clearly it has gone the wrong way.

Here it is. Something like that.