You have become a happy owner of the Jew’s harp. Now you need to learn how to play. You don’t have to read music, or even have an ear for music. Jew’s harp is a very specific instrument. It does not only restores the health of the whole body, it also calms the spirit. The Jew’s harp will help enter the desired state of mind. Specific vibrations you produce on the Jew’s harp, will help to relax and unwind.

There are many ways. Put the rounded part on the index and middle fingers. Secure the thumb in the attachment point of the reed. The main thing is to press the frame tight to the teeth.

The reed should move without hindrances, not touching anything while playing. Squeeze the harp to the teeth, pull the reed and release. That’s the voice. Try to produce as many different sounds as possible. Experiment while playing. Move your tongue. Push it against the palate. Push hard or barely touching. The sound will be different. Move the tongue from side to side. Try to direct it to the throat. Change the volume of the space of the mouth. Close the throat, as if you have water in your mouth. Try to play while inhaling and exhaling. The sound is much louder. After striking the reed once, take a deep breath. The vibrating the sound can be sustained up to a minute. Exactly as long as inhalation or exhalation last.

During the playing, try to make a sound from the throat, so-called throat singing. Connect the two sounds. Now improvise and experiment, it is a very interesting activity.

Different questions can be solved by means of the Jew’s harp. Vibrating sound opens up the depths of the subconscious, and the answer comes by itself. All you need is to keep the question in your mind during playing. Ancient shamans using the Jew’s harp, could move to other worlds. To treat diseases and instruct on the right path.

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