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Category Archives: Buying

Choosing a Jew’s harp

It looks like as if the Jew’s harp or jaw harp is a very easy to play Instrument. That’s because of the simplicity of construction. Yes, it looks very simple. However, it is not so easy when it comes to choosing, when you try to find one among whole bunch of them looking through a catalog. Continue reading…

Tips for choosing a didgeridoo

Hi there! My name is Roman Termit from the didgeridoo school «Australia». In my teaching experience I have faced with a host of standard questions from students. Here are the answers in a form of advice, set out in a simple, non-scientific language! Continue reading…

How to buy a handpan?

Similar to hang musical instruments today are collectively called “handpan”. “Hand” is for hand, and “pan” means “heritage” and reflects the roots of this instrument coming from Trinidad “steelpan” – insular instrument which is considered as a main ancestor of Swiss Hang. Handpans come in various sizes and dimensions, differ in sound and quality. Continue reading…

How to buy a shamanic drum

Vibes from a shamanic drum will pass you into the depth of your consciousness. After buying a shamanic tambourine, travel to other worlds, look around, feel and taste the things beyond our world. Stop using your cell phone as we can receive and send messages using the drum. Shamanic drums for sale at our website are made in the sacred land of living shamanism, in the heart of the Bali island. Continue reading…

Where to buy a didgeridoo

So, you have decided to buy a didgeridoo.

If you are only the beginner and want the didgeridoo to become your best friend, you need to buy a good instrument. You can buy such didgeridoos at our website. Didges are made of solid wood, are not sawed or glued, which helps to create the special vibration. Continue reading…

How to buy a high-quality djembe drum. A detailed guide

A guide to buying a djembe for the first time. Problems and pitfalls.

A choice of the right djembe drum for you depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. The most common and easiest way to buy a djembe, is to come directly to the store with broad assortment of instruments and feel the drum resonating with your energy while choosing. Continue reading…

Buying a djembe

Choosing and buying a good djembe can be a difficult task due to the variety of instruments available on the market and a huge variety of their quality. Therefore we have created a customer guide for to help you find your way to your African drums. If you decided to buy a djembe, follow the highest quality standards! Continue reading…

How to choose a didgeridoo

So you’ve decided to buy a didgeridoo. What are the parameters of the selected instrument?
The market is filled with a variety of offers – from very cheap bamboo didgeridoo to this Australian that differ significantly in price.

What should pay attention to the details in the first place: Continue reading…

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