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Category Archives: Care

Jew’s Harp Care

Under normal circumstances, condensate from the heated body and breath evaporates by itself. But if you put it immediately into a case or leave at high humidity, the instrument starts rusting. Well, there is nothing terrible but the look may be ugly. Instruments made of steel need to be wiped dry with any cloth or tissue after playing. Use of alcohol is not necessary. Disinfectants are not for drying metal. In the most humid conditions it can be lubricated by any oil (of course, tea tree oil is much more pleasant than machine oil). Continue reading…

Drum Care

Many shamanic or ritual drum owners complain because this instrument needs care. The drum shape may change slightly over time, the skin can crack a bit and sag. All this can happen because of improper care, transport and use. Let’s begin with a simple example. Continue reading…

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