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Category Archives: Djembe

Taking care of the Djembe

Like every musical instrument, djembe needs respect and care to keep high quality of the sounds and its components. If you learn to take care of your djembe it will serve you for years. The lifetime of skin and rope will depend on drumming frequency and the care level. Keep and transport your djembe only in a special djembe case, so falls and bumps will not have strong impact on the base and the leather membrane. Continue reading…

How to buy a high-quality djembe drum. A detailed guide

A guide to buying a djembe for the first time. Problems and pitfalls.

A choice of the right djembe drum for you depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. The most common and easiest way to buy a djembe, is to come directly to the store with broad assortment of instruments and feel the drum resonating with your energy while choosing. Continue reading…

Buying a djembe

Choosing and buying a good djembe can be a difficult task due to the variety of instruments available on the market and a huge variety of their quality. Therefore we have created a customer guide for to help you find your way to your African drums. If you decided to buy a djembe, follow the highest quality standards! Continue reading…

The roots of the djembe

A djembe is a musical instrument which appeared in Mali, once a mighty West African state founded in the 13th century. Step by step, these African drums became popular on the surrounding territories of such West African states as Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast and others. Continue reading…

How to play the djembe

The drummer’s posture
Many people get problems with their posture with the lapse of time due to irregular body position. People nearly bend above their instruments, paying attention only to the playing process and not controlling the whole body. The awareness of the regular body position is priceless as the energy flows more freely inside the straight and relaxed body, and the rhythms are born themselves. You are just a medium connecting the sky and the earth while playing the djembe. Continue reading…

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