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 On our website you will find many products “didgeridoo for sale” from various types of wood, such as: Australian eucalyptus or similar in density and texture sapotilla tree. Each didgeridoo is unique, they all differ from each other. If you would like to buy a light didgeridoo, then choose a didgeridoo made of Hibiscus wood. Didgeridoo for sale made of dense and dark wood pheasant is suitable for lovers of clear sound.

Didgeridoos were made by the “sandwich” method: the wood was sawn lengthwise, processed from the inside by hand and securely glued. You can find a didgeridoo for sale in various keys from G to A. Novice players on the didgeridoo will suit the tunings of G, f, E, D, because the back pressure on the didgeridoo is excellent. Professional players who like bass and low sound can buy a didgeridoo in a B or A note about 2.5 meters long. Most didgeridoos are set to 440 Hz, but some are set to 432 Hz.

Each didgeridoo is balanced. Each didgeridoo comes with a high-quality nylon case. You can see on the site the cost of the didgeridoo already taking into account the cost of delivery around the world. We securely pack the didgeridoo in strong plastic PVC pipes. All didgeridoo has a guarantee for safe delivery. Ethnomagic didgeridoo store provides a 1-year warranty for repairing cracks and crevices.

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