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Jaw Harps for sale in the Ethnomagic online store. We have selected the best mouth harps for you. The best jaw harps are the khomus of Yakut masters. Musical instruments are balanced, have a clear and loud sound. Even with aggressive and dynamic playing, the sound of mouth harp does not have metallic sounds. Jaw harps for sale the average level of quality from well-known masters Glazyrin and Volgutov. The sound of these mouth harps is loud. The first contact with the vargan creates a very pleasant feeling of power. The most famous Glazyrin vargan is the Phantom model. You can change the key of the mouth harp to a more bass one using the metal ball included in the kit. If you decide to Buy a Jaw harp, then listen to the sound in headphones.

When you buy a mouth harp on our website, you get free shipping and a case.

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