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2 part Сollapsible didgeridoo from PHEASANT WOOD – B

800.00 $

Main note:B(440Hz)- Trumpets (1/2):A#,F,B – Wood:PHEASANT – Length:231cm=103cm+128cm – Trumpet diameter/socket:12cm – Weight:5kg – Case: included – nylon highest quality, shockproof – Shipping: Free worldwide byAir mail EMS(9-14 days)

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Buy didgeridoo from PHEASANT WOOD – Key B!

This didgeridoo is made from a very durable wood, PHEASANT WOOD. One of its advantages is the depth of sound in the note B. Didgeridoo consists of 2 parts connected by a stainless steel thread.

Of course, the main feature of Pheasant wood is a unique, never-repeated texture. In the skilled hands of Pheasant wood, you can make a didgeridoo a work of art. Many people have become happy owners of an exclusive didgeridoo from Pheasant wood and are very happy about it.

Pheasant wood is valued for its strength, color of wood, size. Pheasant wood has a picturesque structure and impressive dimensions. Of all deciduous trees, Pheasant wood is one of the strongest and most durable, thanks to randomly intertwining fibers. The color of the wood in the core is dark, becoming lighter the closer to the outer rings of the trunk. Unique color and amazing strength-these are the main advantages of Pheasant wood .

Buy didgeridoo from PHEASANT WOOD – Key B






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