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2 PART Didgeridoo from PHEASANTWOOD Wood – A#

800.00 $

Main note:A# – Trumpets (1/2/3):C#,G#,C# – Wood:PHEASANTWOOD – Length:209cm=108cm+101cm – Trumpet diameter:12cm – Weight:5kg – Case: nylon – Shipping: Free worldwide by Air mail EMS(9-14 days)

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Didgeridoo buy in Ethno-magic shop online!

This didgeridoo is one of the deepest. Powerful vibration in note A# penetrates to the depth of the earth. This didgeridoo is perfect for meditation practices. Deep dive is guaranteed. Didgeridoo can be easily taken outside or to a concert in a convenient compact case. 2 pieces of didgeridoo are connected by a solid stainless steel thread.

You can buy the didgeridoo easily at our website. Didgeridoos (including mouthpieces) are made of solid eucalyptus and teak wood. Didgeridoos are manufactured by-hand by the master and covered by three layers of the stop-off lacquer. Wawan, our crafty master, has found the way not to saw the didgeridoo, waiting for it to be destroyed by white ants. Using the force of the inner drill, he has opened the space for the sound!

Australian eucalyptus is the traditional material for making the didgeridoo. It is the best suitable wood as eucalyptus make the sound clearer, deeper and stronger due to its grain structure and  firmness. This didgeridoo is considered to give the specific deep low-tone sound and to be rich in overtones. Firm thick wood and precise tuning of the instruments by the master create their individual and unique sound. All didgeridoos have excellent back pressure. It is very easy to buy the didgeridoo as every instrument is completed by its sound.

Fiberglass didgeridoos are sculptured manually and tuned tone-to-tone by the tuner. You can choose C, D, E notes and sharps. fiber plastic didgeridoos cannot be deformed by bad weather (frost, heat, low or high humidity or temperature drops), have excellent loud and precise sound, are easy to transport and simple to handle. All stereotypes about synthetic materials will break as soon as you play the fiberglass didgeridoo. Buy the didgeridoo and become the flow of space vibrations!

Didgeridoo buy in Ethno-magic shop online!





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