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2 part meditation didgeridoo from Palisander wood – B

700.00 $

Main note:B- Trumpets (1/2):B,G,C – Wood:Palisander – Length:225cm=121cm+114cm – Bell diameter:12cm – Case: included – nylon highest quality, shockproof – Shipping: Free worldwide byAir mail EMS(9-14 days)

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Didgeridoo online shop Ethno- magic

This didgeridoo configured in key B. the Length of its collection is 225 cm. For easy transportation didgeridoo is made of 2 parts connected by thread stainless steel. The case is already in the kit.

Didgeridoo online shop Ethno- magic –  how to choose a clip mic for didgeridoo?

If this option is not suitable for you, buy a standard one. They are partially reviewed in point 1.


  1. As for the frequency response: they say, few speakers reproduce the frequency of 20-50 Hz, so it is not worth the trouble. But you can hear it on high quality audio equipment, and it is also better for recording.
  2. There are plenty of other parameters (dynamic range, noise level, etc.), but in my opinion they are less important, so I did not pay attention to them.
  3. There are different options, such as: replacement of microphone capsules (you can change the directional pattern), windscreen included, etc. You can find all this information on manufacturers’ websites and in stores and check out what is best and more relevant for you.

I eventually have chosen Beyerdynamic TG I57C, recently tested it live. The sound is excellent. Smooth, thick and warm. Found on sax forums that «The mic is awesome! Better than ACG 419-519.»





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