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Bali steel pan D minor + Free shipping via DHL

1,880.00 $

Scale:  D minor – D A C D F G A C D

Diameter: 58 cm

High: 24 cm

Weight: 4,6 kg

Material: steel

Bag/cover: included

Free worldwide shipping by DHL (5-7 days) : included

Нет в наличии

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Most customers want to buy a D minor Bali steel pan. The main D note has deep sound, the hand pan also has 8 circular notes: A C D F G A C D

Instrument will ready for shipping 10 days after place to order.

 Handpan will be sent to you 10 days after payment.

Watch this video and compare the sound quality of Bali steel pan and PanARt hand drum:

Nowadays, PanARt has stopped producing hang drums, and if you a looking for hang drum for sale, it would be a second-hand instrument. You can search for “hang drum for sale” advertisements on different sites selling second-hand instruments. PanARt hand drums sound quality is clearer but quieter as that of Bali steel pan.

Having bought a Bali steel pan, you can spend your evenings beyond the sense of time, fully enjoying the sound:

Here, you can listen to the instrument’s clear sound recorded specially for you:

If you answered to one of the Bali “hang pan for sale” advertisements, pay attention that one of the instrument’s main disadvantages is that it is not nitrided. Its covering can be damaged with the lapse of time if the instrument is not taken care of properly.

In this video, you can hear the professional instrument playing.

You can easily learn to play the Bali steel pan and develop your technique.

If you have a friend who can accompany you at a handpan jam session, it is very good to play not alone, going with the common flow. At such moments, the thinking process stops and the sounds flow from the present to the present, bringing you here and now.

Innersound handpan and Bali Steel pan:

Nowadays, a Bali steel pan (a hang drum analogue) is one of the cheapest and most available for quick purchasing hand drums in the word.

Why should you buy a Bali steel pan at our Internet store? As you have already understood, every Bali steel pan is unique and handmade only.

That is why the sound – resonance, overtones, correspondence with the notes – can be a bit different. We don’t only buy and sell Bali steel pans.

We check the qualities of every instrument and if it doesn’t correspond with the necessary requirements for the professional instrument, we return the handpan to the factory for additional tuning. When buying a Bali steel pan with us, you can have no doubt that you will get the ideal possible choice.

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