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Short didgeridoo- D#

125.00 $

Main note: D#  Material: PVA Glue, sawdust, fiberglass  –  Length: 45 – Bell diameter:13cm – Mouthpiece:3 cm – Weight: 0.6 kg – Case: included –   Free worldwide shipping by EMS AIR MAIL (7-10 days)

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Short didgeridoo is made of several layers. The thinnest inner layer consists of fiberglass. The thickness of this layer is about 2 mm. The next layer of didgeridoo consists of sawdust mixed with PVA glue. It’s very solid. The didgeridoo is decorated with the maori drawing style.This didgeridoo is very light and compact. Configured in key D# , which is considered quite high. Suitable for playing dynamic rhythms of the didgeridoo. When you play the didgeridoo, the sound is heard very well. The didgeridoo’s bell is close to the ears. The sound is clear. The only drawback of this didgeridoo is its fragility. If you drop the didgeridoo, it may crack. So be careful!
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