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didgeridoo for beginnersdidgeridoo for beginners

Didgeridoo for beginners from solid Teak wood 150 cm – C#

290.00 $

Main note: C# – Wood: Teak wood-  Length: 150cm – Bell diameter:11cm – Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3 cm – Weight: 3,1 kg – Cover: included  –   Free worldwide shipping by EMS AIR MAIL.(7-10 days)

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Didgeridoo for beginners from Teak wood tune to a C #note. Didgeridoo is painted with aboriginal dot technique. Processed very efficiently inside and out. Good back pressure

Didgeridoo from solid Teak wood you should buy for those who are just starting to play the didgeridoo or wants to make a good giftThe didgeridoo is a note С # many to create a meditative atmosphere.

As white ants are not spread everywhere and their productivity is quite low, masters do all work for them, cutting the necessary proper form from solid wood. Teak didgeridoos which are present at our website are made by the master Wawan living in the distant islands near Australia. Keeping the secret of didgeridoo birth received from his ancestors, Wawan learned to make didgeridoos from solid wood.

Keeping the secret of didgeridoo birth received from his ancestors, didgeridoo master Wawan learned to make didgeridoos from solid wood. If you want to buy an eucalyptus didgeridoo for reasonable price, EthnoMagic store is the best choice for you. Didgeridoos presented at our website have excellent back pressure (necessary for learning the circular breathing technique), are covered by three layers of polyurethane lacquer (preventing the instruments from cracks caused by temperature and humidity leaps), are tested during being manufactured for defects and well processed inside and outside. And the main thing that every instrument is not a souvenir and all of them sound beautiful!

Didgeridoo for beginners from Teak wood:

  • Made of solid wood
  • Made by drilling
  • beautifully painted
  • convenient mouthpiece
  • free case
  • free shipping
  • reliable packaging in PVC pipe
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