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Didgeridoos for SaleDidgeridoos for SaleDidgeridoos for Sale

Didgeridoo Pheasant Wood 226 cm – B

1,100.00 $

Main note: B  –   Trumpets (1/2/3): C,G,C –    Wood: JUAR   –   Length: 226 cm  –   Trumpet diameter: 15cm   –   Inner diameter of the mouthpiece: 3 cm   –   Case: included – nylon highest qualityof, shockproof  –  Shipping: Free by Air mail UPS(6-9 days)

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Looking for didgeridoo for sale near me?

DIDGERIDOO made of dense wood, Pheasant. This tree is somewhat similar to African hard woods. The sound is very, chantae and rich. Powerful vibration in a note B will help you go deep.This didgeridoo is one of the best! Very powerful vibration! Excellent back pressure! Loud! Clear!

We recommend that you buy this chic pheasant tree didgeridoo. This is due to several reasons.

The unique beauty is revealed in its entirety in the rounded didgeridoo. The didgeridoo’s bell is shaped like a clover. Pheasant wood is probably one of the richest wood in terms of the number of colors. The color scheme of the array is impressive: you can find brown, cream, olive, red, purple and even greenish shades. Orange and yellowish fibers seem to reflect the fire of the home and store its warmth.

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We have recorded the sound of each didgeridoo, so you can connect headphones and choose a didgeridoo easily! You see the final price along with delivery on the site, as if you came to a real didgeridoo store in Australia. You don’t need to calculate the delivery cost and worry about the final cost of the didgeridoo.

Вес 5.5 kg
Габариты 189 x 13 x 17 cm


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