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Didgeridoo from Blood Wood Eucalyptus 188 cm – 432 Hz -D#

800.00 $

Main note:D#(432HZ)   –   Trumpets (1/2/3): D#,A,D# –    Wood: Original Australian Blood wood eucalyptus   –   Length: 188 cm  –   Trumpet diameter: 13-15cm   –   Inner diameter of the mouthpiece: 3 cm   –   Weight: 4,5 kg   –   Cover/case: included – nylon highest quality, waterproof, shockproof  –  Shipping: Free by DHL(5-6 days)

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The Ethno-magic didgeridoo Shop has been in business since July of 2005. When we has start our project we sold only drilled didgeridoo for beginners. We now have more than 70 professional didgeridoo from original eucalyptus and palisander wood.

Didgeridoo from Blood Wood Eucalyptus is made from legendary eucalyptus described in the legends with the termites going inside. We believe that it is God who sent the termites inside the didgeridoo to make the high-quality instrument. But the main reason for making the termite didgeridoos is the fact that ants want to drink and there is much water inside the wood. There are we who were the termites creating this didgeridoo. We want not only to eat and drink, we love to play and vibrate.

Вес 5.5 kg
Габариты 189 x 13 x 17 cm


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