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didgeridoo from palisandedidgeridoo from palisandedidgeridoo from palisande

Didgeridoo from Palisander 199 cm – C

800.00 $

Main note: C – Trumpets (1/2/3): D,A#,D – Wood: Palisander – Length: 199 cm – Trumpet diameter:  15 cm – Inner diameter of the mouthpiece: 3 cm – Weight: 4 kg – Case: included – nylon, shockproof – Shipping: free by Air mail UPS(6-12 days)

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Didgeridoo, length 199 cm you will not be able to put in your pocket. It’s powerful and heavy didgeridoo made of palisander that grows in Jawa. If you want to get to the depth of their roots and dig out by vibration of all the negative programs in the subconscious mind, then you should buy this didgeridoo. What is the intention you put into the instrument and how strongly believe it‘s going to happen.

Equal thickness of the didgeridoo walls. Excellent didgeridoo back pressing. High-quality wood processing. Didgeridoo balance coming from high vibration resonance, ample loudness and bright vocalization. Easy trumpet playing. Covering by three layers of non-toxic polyurethane lacquer which prevents the instruments from cracks in the case of temperature leaps


Вес 5.8 kg
Габариты 195 x 14 x 16 cm


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