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Didgeridoo from PALISANDER – F

450.00 $

Main note: F – Trumpets: E – B  Wood: Palisander –  Length: 172cm – Bell diameter:12 cm – Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3 cm – Weight: 3,3 kg – Cover/case: included – nylon highest quality,shockproof  –   Free worldwide shipping by EMS AIR MAIL.(10days)

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The Ethno-magic didgeridoo Shop has one simple goal: to facilitate the enjoyment of music. We stock a wide range of musical instruments. The Ethno-magic are well equipped to help you find your sound. Come and visit shop online, we’d love to meet you!

We a glad to present you new series of professional instruments. Now you can buy a world-high-quality artisan didgeridoo and you will not have to wait. We have chosen you the best wood species such as palisander (1.5 times firmer than oak). Before buying a didgeridoo you can feel the vibration and resonate with the instrument.

If the first priority is the clarity of the sound, then you should definitely buy this didgeridoo made of palisander wood. This very beautiful tree has a very dense structure. Enrich your collection this wonderful didgeridoo musical instrument.

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