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Didgeridoo from Sapotilla wood 150 cm – D

450.00 $

Main note: D  –   Trumpets (1/2): F#,C,  –  Wood: Sapotilla  –  Length: 150 cm  –  Trumpet diameter: 8 cm  –  Inner diameter of the mouthpiece: 3 cm  –  Weight: 3,1 kg  –  Cover: included – nylon, shockproof  –  Free worldwide shipping by Air mail ESM(6-12days).

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Where to buy a didgeridoo? Of course here – The Didgeridoo Store Ethno-magic !

For sure, everyone who has visited India and Thailand has tried the sweet fruit of the Chiku tree. This tree is called Sapodilla. This tree is also called the oil tree. If you compare the didgeridoo from Sapodilla and the Australian didgeridoo from eucalyptus, it will be difficult to find the difference. The wood is hard, heavy and difficult to process. Since the wood contains a lot of resin, the sound of didgeridoo has unique overtones. The moisture contained in the oil vibrates and sings when the didgeridoo is played. The advantage of didgeridoo from Sapodilla over didgeridoo from the Australian blood tree eucalyptus is that the surface is not subject to cracking.

This didgeridoo has a unique curved shape and is configured exactly the note E . Perfect to play in the middle and a fast pace. Features didgeridoo are rich in overtones, leggos of the game and a strong resonance. The production method is the sawing of wood across and manual processing from within.
Sapodilla wood it is one of the most durable trees on Earth, Sapodilla a is also quite rare. Reaching 40-60 meter height, it spreads from the Himalayas to Malaysian Peninsula, Sumatra and West Java. Due to it’s fantastic durability it is suitable for wood columns of electricity, railway lines and even bridges! Honestly – it is difficult to work with it, but we did it! So now Sapodilla Didgeridoo can become a bridge between your heart and pure

Equal thickness of the didgeridoo walls. Maintenance of this parameter lets the instrument vibrate more strongly and easily answer the current of the incoming air. We have achieved that due to the direct-axis wood sawing in two and manual channel processing.

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Вес 3.1 kg
Габариты 157 x 8 x 10 cm


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