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Didgeridoo from Suren wood 205 cm -CDidgeridoo from Suren wood 205 cm -C

Didgeridoo from Suren wood 205 cm – C

590.00 $

Main note: C – Trumpets (1/2/3): C,A,D – Wood: Suren – Length: 205 cm – Trumpet diameter:  11 cm – Weight: 3,1 kg – Cover/case: included – nylon

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Didgeridoo cost may be different. What does the price of a didgeridoo depend on? Why prices vary on a didgeridoo? Each didgeridoo manufacturer independently estimates the cost of their products. The final cost of the didgeridoo depends on the cost of materials and effort spent. On our website, the price of the didgeridoo includes worldwide delivery. You will also get a free didgeridoo case.

This didgeridoo is made from suren wood.   The wood creates a truly deep and unique overtones. Plug in your headphones and listen to the sound on the website. Didgeridoo created for players who love to play the rhythms at medium and high speeds. Excellent back pressure allows you to play easily.


If you’re looking for an worldwide online didgeridoo store that carries an extensive range of instruments, you’ll find it all right here at Ethno-magic. We stock a huge selection of instruments perfect for beginners and amateur musos right through to the professional performers.

Didgeridoo cost it consists of:

  • production time
  • cost of wood
  • processing quality
  • sound quality

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Вес 4.1 kg
Габариты 173 x 12 x 13 cm


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