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didgeridoo for saledidgeridoo for saledidgeridoo for sale

Didgeridoo from Teak wood 178 cm – D#

600.00 $

Main note: D#- Wood: TeaK – Length: 178cm – Bell diameter:14cm – Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3 cm – Weight: 2,7 kg – Case: included – nylon highest quality,  shockproof  –   Free worldwide shipping by EMS AIR MAIL.

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Ethno-magic didgeridoo shop offers you personalized service from our talented and knowledgeable team. An experience you will enjoy!

A feature of this didgeridoo is really a professional skill of internal and external work done by a Russian master of the didgeridoo Vladimir Pchol . Also the mouthpiece is made unique.

Also the mouthpiece is made unique. The didgeridoo is designed to create dynamic rhythms.


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