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didgeridoo for sale

Didgeridoo from Teak wood 203 cm -D

750.00 $

Main note: D – Trumpets (1/2): B,D# – Wood: Teak – Length: 203 cm – Trumpet diameter:  12 cm – Weight: 3,1 kg – Case: nylon

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Didgeridoo for sale in Ethno-magic store online!

If you’re looking for an worldwide online didgeridoo store that carries an extensive range of instruments, you’ll find it all right here at Ethno-magic. We stock a huge selection of instruments perfect for beginners and amateur musos right through to the professional performers.

This didgeridoo is made from teak wood.   The wood creates a truly deep and unique overtones. Plug in your headphones and listen to the sound on the website. Didgeridoo created for players who love to play the rhythms at medium and high speeds. Excellent back pressure allows you to play easily.

Before you respond to an ad for didgeridoo for sale, read this:

Tip 1.
If you find an ad “for sale didgeridoo from bamboo”- do not buy bamboo didges. They crack like hell both in summer and in winter. Absolutely unpredictable! You’d better buy a PVC-Didge with a wax mouthpiece or do it yourself. Or save up around 3000 Russian rubles and buy a teak wood Didgeridoo.

Tip 2.
This is extremely important! Measure the internal bore of the mouthpiece didgeridoo before buying a didgeridoo. The internal diameter should be no more than 28-30 mm (1.1″). If it is 33-34 mm (1.2-1.3″) and wider, your lips will fall inward as if you were blowing air into an elephant’s trunk.

Tip 3.
The wider the bell — the louder and fuller the sound. it’s even better If not only the end of the bell but the third part of the whole didgeridoo is wider.

Tip 4.
What kind of wood are the best didgeridoos made of? Eucalyptus, but starting with a price of $ 800 and more.  Eucalyptus for 4000-6000 Russian rubles (and teak) is not a priority. For such price the best are made of: maple, elm, oak and alder. It all depends on your budget and what you want from a didgeridoo. What kind of sound and playing. Maple is the best option.

Tip 5.

Where can I find quality ads “didgeridoo for sale”? Do not buy them in big ethno stores. They sell it with a 100% margins sometimes.
Look up on the internet:
— Ebay
— Amazon


Вес 4.1 kg
Габариты 173 x 12 x 13 cm


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