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Didgeridoo from Blood Wood POLOSA 194 cm – D

800.00 $

Main note: D  –  Trumpets (1/2/3):  D,A#,D#  –  Wood: Original Australian Blood wood eucalyptus  –  Length: 194 cm  –  Trumpet diameter:  12-15 cm  –  Inner diameter of the mouthpiece: 3 cm  –  Weight: 4 kg  –  Cover: included – nylon, shockproof  –  Shipping: free worldwide by Air mail UPS(6-9 days)

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This is one of the nicest didgeridoo are presented on the site. Note D. Very loud, vibrating with strong wave clear and powerful musical instrument. The most complete picture of sound you can get if you plug in your headphones and listen to the sound. Pay attention to the sound of trumpet. Only the blood of the eucalyptus tree makes sound so powerful and rich! Also the first trumpet is configured in the same note the main. Sounding harmonious! Method of production – sawing wood lengthways, gentle treatment from the inside and strong bonding.

Вес 4 kg
Габариты 194 x 12 x 15 cm


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