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Didjeridoo from Sapotille wood – D

360.00 $

Main note: D – Trumpets: F#,C – Wood: Sapotilla-  Length: 150cm – Bell diameter:13cm – Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3 cm – Weight: 3,3kg – Cover/case: included  –   Free worldwide shipping by EMS AIR MAIL.(7-16 days)


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Buy didgeridoo online at Ethno-magic  family music store! In our didgeridoo shop you will l find instrument from as for beginners as for professional players.

This didgeridoo is made of solid sapotilla wood. This didgeridoo tuned in the note D.

To play the dynamic rhythms on this didgeridoo is really easy.

The portable didgeridoo is made especially for you! Walk with the didgeridoo! Take the didgeridoo wherever you want without difficulty! The case for the compact didgeridoo is included for free!


This Travel didgeridoo from Rasamala wood is really a professional musical instrument.This didgeridoo has a powerful meditative vibration. You really love to play on a professional didgeridoo and travel a lot? Then this compact version of the professional didgeridoo is made especially for you! The didgeridoo is easy to take in hand Luggage on the plane and not worry about the safety of the didgeridoo.

For sure, everyone who has visited India and Thailand has tried the sweet fruit of the Chiku tree. This tree is called Sapodilla. This tree is also called the oil tree. If you compare the didgeridoo from Sapodilla and the Australian didgeridoo from eucalyptus, it will be difficult to find the difference. The wood is hard, heavy and difficult to process. Since the wood contains a lot of resin, the sound of didgeridoo has unique overtones. The moisture contained in the oil vibrates and sings when the didgeridoo is played. The advantage of didgeridoo from Sapodilla over didgeridoo from the Australian blood tree eucalyptus is that the surface is not subject to cracking.

This didgeridoo has a unique curved shape and is configured exactly the note E . Perfect to play in the middle and a fast pace. Features didgeridoo are rich in overtones, leggos of the game and a strong resonance. The production method is the sawing of wood across and manual processing from within.
Sapodilla wood it is one of the most durable trees on Earth, Sapodilla a is also quite rare.

5 reasons to buy a portable didgeridoo

  • great sound
  • compactness
  • free case
  • free shipping
  • rich overtones

If you want to buy a didgeridoo in note D, you can watch this one –

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