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Djembe Guinea Style 13 inches – 2

380.00 $

Wood:mahogany – Skin:goat – Diameter of membrane (with no rings):33 cm – Height:60 cm – Weight:9 kg – Ropes: nylon highest quality – Cover:nylon highest quality, waterproof, shockproof, included – Free worldwide shipping by Air Mail (14-21 days)

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A 13-inch djembe drum is the strongest and the loudest one. Such large djembe size will better suit for tall and strong people with long arms and strong spine. If you are short and plan to play while sitting, your hands will not probably be at the same level with the drum membrane. If you play the djembe while standing, like a true African drummer, you need strong spine and legs. Holding a 8-g kilo djembe drum yourself is not an easy task. But there is also a third opportunity: if you are small and want a bid drum, just buy it. You can always sit on a djembe drum and play at your pleasure as long as you wish. We don’t measure our customers with a measuring tape. We have measured the drum size specially for you.

Guinean djembe drums have firmer and deeper bass sounds due to the angular structure of the body cup. The evolution of the djembe in Guinea has yielded a drum with a very ‘tight’ sound spectrum, which is favored by many drummers. These drums often look much straighter than the ones from Mali, more angular, have a squared cup and relatively small throat opening. These adaptations create an extremely strong slap while still able to make full spectrum of bass and tone as well. These drums are decorated with shells. Guinean djembe drums have a carved bottom shape to secure the lower ring and prevent slippage.

Firstly, skin quality has its influence on the sound. Chemicals weren’t used during skin processing! Skin for professional djembe drums should be taken from the middle of the goat spine, not from its sides. It is tightened such way that the spine line corresponds with the diameter of the drum. It is done to obtain the equal thickness of the drumming area of the drum, which ensures the solidity and long life of the drum membrane and the equal sound from each side. It is also important to the right edge tightening of the djembe skin for its better tuning and sound. The authentic African sound with the firm slap, tone and bass with no side-tones comes after strong tightening of the skin. That is why the skin should be firm, elastic and have equal thickness around the surface. The skin elasticity on the djembe drum is kept due to the absence of salt during skin processing (it is also a strong chemical), only the bright sun.

Djembe drums are made from fine solid wood, such as jack fruit and mahogany wood. This is the medium hard range of wood. Djembe sound quality depends more on the producer’s professional quality than on the wood. We produce djembe drums from medium hard wood that makes good sound depending on the skill of the maker. It is not true that a professional djembe drum should be made only from very hard wood. In Africa, you can often see djembe drums made of hard wood but having cracks, crooked membranes and stretching ropes.

A djembe drum made of mahogany wood will serve you for long. Hard wood is used to prolong the life of the djembe, not to make good sound.

Spiral drop-shaped holes which enrich the sound are cut manually on the inner side of the body. The djembe drum is covered by non-toxic lacquer both inside and outside.

A djembe drum is fitted with the strong  system of steel  hoop double fixation with firm, evenly tightened high-quality nylon ropes. This helps the sound to stay stable and the drums to stay tuned. The way of lever tightening of the ropes on a djembe drum lets get a rather good sound without the horizontal  cross-tightening.

The drums are decorated my manually cut ornaments, processed accurately and are nice to be both seen and  heard. Thus, our djembe drums are made not to stand in the corner, but to be played on – they are true street rhythmic percussion drums. We have protected our drums with tire covers as it keeps the djembe from shatters and cracks at the bottom.

You will not find any crack or unevenly fixed membrane on the djembe body. 100% quality control!

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