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collapsible didgeridoocollapsible didgeridoo

Collapsible didgeridoo with 4 steel screw Mouthpieces 432 Hz – D, C#, C, B

850.00 $

Wood: Palisander – Main note: D,C#,C,B,A# –  Length: Body:75cm+76cm,  mouthpieces: 42, 58cm,64 cm,84 cm   –  Bell:15cm   –  Weight:5,1kg  – Case: included – Free shipping worldwide(8-18 days) 



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Collapsible didgeridoo is a very powerful tool for professional musicians. Removable mouthpieces are connected with the didgeridoo by using stainless steel thread. The notes D,C#,C,B tuned in 432Hz. Didgeridoo is made from palisander wood.

Сollapsible didgeridoo made of rosewood is a unique musical instrument. The two main parts are connected using a steel thread. Because of this it is a professional didgeridoo to become compact. You can move and travel without difficulty. Note that a didgeridoo with a cover and 4 mouthpieces weighs about 8 kg (like a large djembe drum). The mouthpieces ‘ threads are also made of stainless steel. The didgeridoo is set to 432 Hz. You can play the didgeridoo in 4 keys – D, C sharp, C, B . The world is one and complete, and every part of it is a fragmentary representation of all that is common in the small.

The frequency of 432 Hz is an alternative setting that is in accordance with the harmonics of the Universe.

Music based on 432 Hz has a beneficial healing energy, because it is the pure tone of the mathematical basis of nature.

The archaic Egyptian instruments that have been discovered so far have mostly been tuned to 432 Hz.

 Collapsible didgeridoo from PALISANDER WOOD

Main note(440 Hz): D, C#,C,B, –  Length: Body:70cm+76cm,  mouthpieces: 43, 58cm,62 cm,71cm  –  Bell:15cm  –  Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3cm  –  Weight:5,1kg  – Case: included

Listen to the original didgeridoo sound:

D – Trumpets: C#, A

C# – Trumpets: C#,D#

 C – Trumpets: C, D#,G#

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 B – Trumpets: B, G, D


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