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Multi drone didgeridooMulti drone didgeridoo

Multi drone didgeridoo with 4 steel screw Mouthpieces – D, C#, C, B, + Case

820.00 $

Wood: Palisander – Main note: D,C#,C,B,A# –  Length: Body:75cm+76cm,  mouthpieces: 42, 58cm,64 cm,84 cm   –  Bell:15cm   –  Weight:5,1kg  – Case: included – Free shipping worldwide(8-18 days) 



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This didgeridoo can be called a multi drone because you can change the mouthpieces and play the didgeridoo in different keys. The didgeridoo is made of rosewood. This is a very expensive beautiful and dense tree. The didgeridoo’s bell is shaped like a clover. The diameter of the bell is 14 cm. This is a very loud and clear musical instrument. The didgeridoo comes with a high-quality nylon case.

Multi drone didgeridoo is a very powerful tool for professional musicians. Removable mouthpieces are connected with the didgeridoo by using stainless steel thread. The notes D,C#,C,B tuned in 440Hz. Didgeridoo is made from palisander wood.

Multi drone didgeridoo made of rosewood is a unique musical instrument. The two main parts are connected using a steel thread. Because of this it is a professional didgeridoo to become compact. You can move and travel without difficulty. Note that a didgeridoo with a cover and 4 mouthpieces weighs about 8 kg (like a large djembe drum). The mouthpieces ‘ threads are also made of stainless steel.  You can play the didgeridoo in 4 keys – D, C sharp, C, B . The world is one and complete, and every part of it is a fragmentary representation of all that is common in the small.

 Multi drone didgeridoo from PALISANDER WOOD

Main note(440 Hz): D, C#,C,B, –  Length: Body:75cm+76cm,  mouthpieces: 42, 58cm,64 cm,84 cm  –  Bell:15cm  –  Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3cm  –  Weight:5,1kg  – Case: included

D – Trumpets: C#,G#,D

C# – Trumpets: C,G

 C – Trumpets: B,G

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 B – Trumpets: A#, F#, C#


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