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Multi drone DidgeridooMulti drone DidgeridooDidjeridoo screw Mouthpieces

Multi drone Didgeridoo from Eucalyptus with 3 Replaceable screw Mouthpieces – D,C#,C

900.00 $

Main note:D, C, C# –  Wood: Eucalyptus Yellow Box  –  Trumpet diameter/socket:17cm  –  Weight:3,5kg  – Case: included – nylon, shockproof  –  Shipping: Free worldwide

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This is truly a very unique multi drone didgeridoo! You can see its huge bell. Thanks to its size, the sound is very loud. Also, the extended diameter of the bell affects the sound of trumpets. You can listen to the sound of the didgeridoo on the You tube chanel didgeridoo online shop :


On the didgeridoo, the trumpets are tuned lower than the drone’s main note. Therefore, this musical instrument can be called LOW TRUMPET DIDGERIDOO.

Multi drone didgeridoo is collapsible. Wooden mouthpieces are screwed using an aluminum thread. Thanks to this, you buy a didgeridoo and have the opportunity to play in 3 different keys : D, C#, C



Eucalyptus tree is one of the best trees for didgeridoo.

The yellow eucalyptus didgeridoo can definitely be called a professional musical instrument. You can easily buy this modern didgeridoo in the online store Ethno-magic. Perhaps this didgeridoo will be the best one you have ever played.

This real collapsible didgeridoo you can buy in the online store Ethno Magic. This musical instrument is similar to a trombone or slide didgeridoo in that it has several basic notes.

Features of this Multi drone didgeridoo are :

1. The didgeridoo is very easy to play. The internal structure of the channel at the mouthpiece is quite narrow, so the back pressure is good.

2. Didgeridoo has a balanced sound. The upper, middle, and bass frequencies sound clear.

3. the Didgeridoo is made of strong and beautiful rosewood wood

4.the connecting thread is made of aluminum

5. The didgeridoo is accompanied by a high-quality case

6. the Didgeridoo is sent by parcel for free around the world









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