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didgeridoo Ddidgeridoo Ddidgeridoo D

Didgeridoo from Eucalyptus wood – D

330.00 $

Main note: D – Trumpet: F#,D – Wood: Eucalyptus –  Length: 146cm – Bell diameter:8cm – Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3 cm – Weight: 3 kg – Cover: included  –   Free worldwide shipping by EMS AIR MAIL (8-14 days)



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As white ants are not spread everywhere and their productivity is quite low, masters do all work for them, cutting the necessary proper form from solid wood. Teak didgeridoos which are present at our website are made by the master Wawan living in the distant islands near Australia. Keeping the secret of didgeridoo birth received from his ancestors, Wawan learned to make didgeridoos from solid wood.

In many newspapers and magazines with private advertisements, there are more and more ads with the offer of didgeridoo sale. But you should remember that you buy a second-hand instrument. Pay special attention to the lack of cracks which can appear after keeping the instrument for a long time.
But if you want a new instrument, you can buy a didgeridoo online at the website without any problems. Nowadays, every online store which respects itself and its customers presents eucalyptus didgeridoos for sale, apart from instruments made of bamboo, plastic, fiberglass, teak and other non-authentic materials.

Keeping the secret of didgeridoo birth received from his ancestors, didgeridoo master Wawan learned to make didgeridoos from solid wood. If you want to buy an eucalyptus didgeridoo for reasonable price, EthnoMagic store is the best choice for you. Didgeridoos presented at our website have excellent back pressure (necessary for learning the circular breathing technique), are covered by three layers of polyurethane lacquer (preventing the instruments from cracks caused by temperature and humidity leaps), are tested during being manufactured for defects and well processed inside and outside. And the main thing that every instrument is not a souvenir and all of them sound beautiful!

The didgeridoo is a magician with its own might! Listen to the didgeridoo when it talks to you! The didgeridoo’s magic sound will touch your heart and help you to remember your mission in this world. Learning the technique of continuous circular breathing, you will enter the eternal breath of the living art. Just go with the flow of your breath and recognize the endless change in the existence of the whole fragile body with its parts subtly touching each other. Let’s vibe here and now!

Our artisan didgeridoos are made with great love and high knowledge of professional sound production. You can be sure after listening to it. Before buying a didgeridoo, you can feel the vibe and enter the resonance with the instrument by the photos and videos at our website. We made both the didgeridoos and the photos as well as we could. When you buy a didgeridoo for beginners at our website, be sure in:.

  1. High-quality wood processing. We pay special attention to mouthpiece flow as your mouth will have to interact with this part of the instrument. You also won’t have to doubt in junction safety of glued wood halves. The glue has passed the time and high pressure tests. In most didgeridoo instruments, the seam is practically invisible.
  2. Didgeridoo balance coming from high vibration resonance, ample loudness and bright vocalization.
  3. Covering by three layers of non-toxic polyurethane lacquer which prevents the instruments from cracks in the case of temperature leaps

Only the best instruments are made specially for you. Vibrate in a good manner, perform, develop, learn and create! Stay in the present moment, be totally beyond all words and thoughts! Just be the vibe! Be open to the inner rhythm! Go with the flow…

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