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Handpan drum for sale – D celtic Minor

1,960.00 $

Scale: D minor – Tuning: (D) A C D E F G A C – Diameter: 53 cm – Height: 30 cm – Weight: 4,6 kg – Material: nitrated steel – Cover: included – Free worldwide shipping by EMS 

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It is very easy to find in internet ad “Handpan drum for sale”.

Our hang drums have excellent sound characteristics and are distinguished by a variety of timbres. All instruments are made of high-quality materials, perfectly build, have deep and clear “voices”. If you first decide to buy a handpan drum, we also recommend purchasing a video course “how to play the hang drum”. Thanks to the advice of professionals, you can quickly learn to play the hang drum and learn all the subtleties and nuances of sound production.

Hang drum is an ideal instrument for improvisations. As a rule, it is set up so that any combination of notes is pleasant and harmonious. This is what makes hang drum attractive for both professional musicians and beginners. However, a professional musician is able to extract absolutely fantastic sounds from this instrument!

 Handpan drum D minor (D) A C D E F G A C .

Diameter – 55 cm, height – 28 cm.

Free worldwide shipping from Russia via Air mail  10 – 17 days.

Do you want to hear how magical and beautiful the hang drum can sound?

Listen to the sound of a handpan drum in our online shop hang drums:

Listen sample of the sound:


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