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handpan steel drumhandpan drum G majorhandpan steel drum

Handpan steel drum for sale – G Major 11 notes + Free shipping via EMS

2,300.00 $

Scale: G major 11 notes

Tuning: (G) B C D E F# G B C D E

Diameter: 50 cm

Height: 28 cm

Weight: 4,5 kg

Material: nitrated steel

Bag/cover: included

Free worldwide shipping by EMS(10-17 days) already included in final price. 

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Handpan steel drum G Major 11 notes

(G) B C D E F# G B C D E

To which frequency should I choose a handpan drum steel drum: 440Hz or 432Hz?

Most manual panes are set to 440 Hz. Those who want to buy a 432 Hz Handpan should know that you can’t play with a 440 Hz instrument with a 432 Hz instrument.

Do not select your Handpan steel drum until you are sure that you have found the correct Handpan scale. I hope it will accompany you for a long time .

If you want to play music with others, pay attention to the appropriate scale and select the Handpan steel drum at 440 Hz .

If you are not sure about the choice of scale, this is quite understandable.

The number of sound fields in the handpan drum.

Handpans may differ in the number of configured sound fields .

Handpans usually have 7 to 9 tones in the chorus and one sound in the center.

The number of sound fields may affect the quality of the manual panel .

Handpan steel drum ready for shipping.

Good quality BAG also included.

Free worldwide shipping by EMS (10-15 days) already included in final price. 

Handpan nitrated. 

The typically exotic Handpan steel drum scale is Hijaz .

When choosing a scale, note that everything is subjective. Depending on how the scale is played and depending on the situation of emotions during the game, each instrument can evoke different feelings.

Do you plan to play the handpan alone or together?

If you play your Handpan steel drum with other musicians, you should make sure that the scale of your Handpan drum is in harmony with your ensemble . You may already be familiar with musical scales and know that you want to play with your friends.

We recommend a d-minor Handpan if you want to play music with others.

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