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Handpan drum Hijaz A2

1,960.00 $

Scale: A2 Hijaz: A2 E3 G3 A3 Bb3 C#4 D4 E4 – Diameter: 54 cm – Height: 30 cm – Weight: 4,6 kg -Material: nitrated steel – Bag: included – Free worldwide shipping – Available in stock and ready to ship


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Guide: how to buy a Handpan?

Handpan drum is a wonderful musical instrument that is easy to learn and incredibly fun to play.

If you don’t know exactly what to consider when buying a Handpan, it’s best to read our extensive guide ” how to buy a Handpan”

Handpans and their properties

The Handpan drum has an exceptional sound. Playing on the handpan you will relax surprisingly. It is intuitive to play the handpan, so it is ideal for beginners. Even if you do not have a musical education, you will be able to play the hang drum. This is wonderful magic. All you need to start playing the handpan is a basic sense of rhythm.

Where did Handpans come from?

Handpan drums were invented by PANArt in Switzerland in 2000. This company named this musical instrument Hang drum. Because Handpan drums are difficult to manufacture, PANArt remained the only manufacturer for many years, and so it was difficult to buy one of the coveted instruments. Meanwhile, by 2020, there will be many manufacturers of Handpan drums, and now it is easier to buy a Handpan.

Guide: how to buy a Handpan?

  Handpan drum Hijaz (A2)

 A2 E3 G3 A3 Bb3 C#4 D4 E4

 Diameter – 54 cm, height – 30 cm.

Free worldwide shipping from Russia via Air mail  10 – 21 days.

Listen to the original handpan drum sound:



 Listen sample of the sound from another handpan drum makers (just for feeling scale):


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