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Handpan drum – E Minor

1,960.00 $

Scale: E minor

Tuning: E – B D E  F#G A B D

Diameter: 53 cm

Height: 30 cm

Weight: 4,5 kg

Material: nitrated steel

Bag/cover: included

Free worldwide shipping by EMS(10-21 days) already included in final price. 

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Handpan drum price 1960$. Free case! Free shipping

  E minor 

E – B D E  F#G A B D

Hand pan drum ready for shipping.

Good quality BAG also included.

Free worldwide shipping by EMS (10-15 days) already included in final price. 

Handpan nitrated. 

To get to know the different sound worlds and scales of Handpan, you should do extensive video research.

Search for different Handpan scales on YouTube and train your hearing. You will gradually learn what kind of sound world you like and what scale you like to listen to .

Write down the names of the scales that you like.

Listen to the sound of handpans with Headphones

Watch videos of the highest quality and with headphones.

This is the only way to compare sound with reality.

Listen exactly original sound:


Listen sample of the sound:


What is a good Handpan drum price?

The price of a good Handpan drum is between $ 1.800 to $ 3.500. We advise you to avoid especially cheap handpans.

Popular Handpan Scales


Handpans with a minor mood sound mysterious . They are sometimes perceived as sad, but much more than that. Melodies in a minor can feel drifting and exciting and Express intense emotions.

Minor scale are the most popular Handpan scales, especially Handpans in d-Minor / Kurd and Handpans in Celtic-Minor.

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