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Jew harp by Mixailov P.N.

155.00 $

Lamel hardness: solid  ~  Volume: Loud  ~  Reed length, mm: 90   

Size, mm: 110*50*5  –  Weight, g: 70    –   Material: stainless steel

Manufacture: Russia, N. Novgorod  –  Free wolrdwide shipping by Air Mail (7-14 days)

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Buy a khomus made by P. Mikhailov and touch the vast opportuniities of jaw harp playing. You can easily play such instrument either rhythmically or slowly and meditatively. This khomus has long sound and beautiful sound fading due to a rather long tongue. The tongue is also rather hard, so it is easy to conduct.

This is not a souvenir, this is the real musical instrument, but very nice for present.

Артикул: varg-мих. Метки: , , , .
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