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meditation didgeridooMeditation Didgeridoomeditation didgeridoo

Meditation Travel didgeridoo from Pheasant wood – A

800.00 $

Main note:A – Trumpets (1/2):B,G#,C# – Wood:Pheasant – Length:221cm=123cm+98cm – Trumpet diameter/socket:11cm – Weight:5kg – Case: included – nylon highest quality, shockproof – Shipping: Free worldwide by Air mail EMS(9-14 days)

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Portable didgeridoo key A in Ethno-Magic family didgeridoo store available now!

This didgeridoo is one of the deepest. Powerful vibration in note A penetrates to the depth of the earth. This didgeridoo is perfect for meditation practices. Deep dive is guaranteed. Didgeridoo can be easily taken outside or to a concert in a convenient compact case. 2 pieces of didgeridoo are connected by a solid stainless steel thread.

Color from pinkish-brown to purple-brown. Wood has a somewhat fibrous structure, wavy-gnarled, with large texture. The density is variable, but on average it is 1000 kg / m3 in the dry state. Making a didgeridoo was not easy, because processing was difficult due to the intersecting structure of the fibers. It is perfectly glued and polished.

Portable didgeridoo key A. How to play the didgeridoo:

Watch YouTube. Search for: Ondrej Smeykal, Dubravko Lapaine, Zalem didgeridoo, Gauthier didgeridoo, Mike Jackson didgeridoo. These are the best didgeridoo players in the world. Explore their style. For listening in your player – Ash Dargan. He has a lot of albums. Should last you a good long while.

Do not be lazy to read the basics about didgeridoo.

  • Don’t stew in your own juices, but visit ethno-concerts and festivals.
  • Attend a constantly active didgeridoo school.
  • Communicate with other didgeridoo-players! This is extremely important!
  • Roman Termit from the didgeridoo school “Australia”.







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