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2 PART didgeridoo from PHEASANTWOOD Wood – B

800.00 $

Main note:B – Trumpets (1/2/3):C,A,B – Wood:PHEASANTWOOD – Length:205cm=105cm+100cm – Trumpet diameter:12cm – Weight:5kg – Case: nylon – Shipping: Free worldwide by Air mail EMS(9-14 days)

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We are happy to welcome you in Ethno-Magic family didgeridoo store!

This didgeridoo consists of 2 parts. The connecting thread is made of stainless steel. The length of the didgeridoo when assembled is about 2 meters. The didgeridoo comes with a very good quality nylon cover. The didge is tuned to the note B. the Pheasant tree served as the body of the creation of this unique breathing tube. The sound of the didgeridoo is clear and loud.

This didgeridoo can be considered compact, since its length in the disassembled state is 1 meter.

Didgeridoo store ethno-magic:

  1. Equal thickness of the didgeridoo walls. Maintenance of this parameter lets the instrument vibrate more strongly and easily answer the current of the incoming air. We have achieved that due to the direct-axis wood sawing in two and manual channel processing.
  2. Excellent didgeridoo back pressing. The inner channel structure has step-by-step uniform extension. Starting from the 3 cm mouthpiece, the channel keeps this diameter for 20-30 cm of length and then extends slowly.
  3. High-quality wood processing. We pay special attention to mouthpiece flow as your mouth will have to interact with this part of the instrument. You also won’t have to doubt in junction safety of glued wood halves. The glue has passed the time and high pressure tests. In most didgeridoo instruments, the seam is practically invisible.








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