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Multiple Drone Didgeridoo with 4 Removable screw MouthpiecesMultiple Drone Didgeridoo with 4 Removable screw MouthpiecesMultidrone DidgeridooDidgeridoo with Removable Mouthpieces

Multiple Drone Didgeridoo with 4 Removable screw Mouthpieces – D,C#,C,B


Main note:D,C#,C,B-  Wood: Juar  –  Length:146cm+52cm,65cm,66 cm,75 cm  –  Trumpet diameter/socket:13cm  –  Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3cm  –  Weight:5,1kg  – Case: included – nylon highest quality,shockproof  –  Shipping: Free worldwide by Air mail UPS(6-9 days))

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Ethno-magic is a family music store focus on didgeridoos. In our didgeridoo shop you will l find instrument from as for beginners as for professional players.

This didgeridoo is made from red wood Rasamala. Sound like a real Australian eucalyptus. Thanks to the technology of replaceable mouthpieces! Now in one of the didgeridoo are just a few notes. The most popular and deepest notes is D,C,B will delight you with a variety of overtones. You don’t need to buy 4 of the didgeridoo! Buy a didgeridoo with replaceable mouthpieces and create wonderful rhythms!

Rasamala wood it is one of the most durable trees on Earth, Rasamala is also quite rare. Reaching 40-60 meter height, it spreads from the Himalayas to Malaysian Peninsula, Sumatra and West Java. Due to it’s fantastic durability it is suitable for wood columns of electricity, railway lines and even bridges! Honestly – it is difficult to work with it, but we did it! So now Rasamala Didgeridoo can become a bridge between your heart and pure sound.