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buy a Handpan drumbuy a Handpan drum

Buy a Handpan drum in any scale and design

2,700.00 $

Scale: Choose any (One main note and 8 side notes) – Design: choose any  – Diameter: 55 cm – Height: 30 cm – Weight: 4,6 kg – Waiting time: 60 days – Material: nitrated steel – Cover: included – Free worldwide shipping by Air Mail

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How much can i buy a Handpan drum?

A good Hang drum costs about 1.400 € to 3.000 €. Recently, it is possible to buy hang drum on eBay or Amazon for a lower price. If you see an ad for the sale of Chinese hang dram for less than 1000 euros, keep in mind that cheap handpans often have poor quality.

This is why we recommend: buy only high-quality Hang drums!

What should I consider when buying a Handpan drum?

When buying a Handpan, there are several things to consider. If you are not quite sure which Handpan you want to buy, you should read the article “how to choose a handpan drum”.

What is a Handpan scale?

Handpan is limited by the number of sound fields. Thus, the Handpan configured the scale. There is a wide selection of different Handpan drum scales that you can consider when purchasing a Handpan.

Where does the hang or Handpan instrument come from?

The Hang is a musical instrument invented by PANArt in Switzerland in 2000. Two metal semicircles are glued together, sound fields are inserted at the top, and a hole is inserted at the bottom.

Because the musical instrument is complex to manufacture, and PANArt has reinvented and patented some of the manufacturing processes, The company remained the sole manufacturer for many years.

At that time, there were more people who wanted to buy hang drum than there were instruments. So getting your hands on the slope was quite difficult.

Only since 2007, new manufacturers gradually entered the market, whose instruments were very close to the original Hang in shape, sound, and playing style.

However, since the Hang name is protected, new names for these beautiful instruments have been established as handpan drum.

Diameter – 55 cm, height – 28 cm.

Free worldwide shipping from Russia via Air mail  10 – 17 days.

Listen to the sound:

You can choose any of these:

 E minor Kurd – E – A,D,B,G,C,A,F#,E,D

 E minor

Tuning: (E3) A3 B3 C4 D#4 E4 F#4 G4 A4 B4


A2 E3 G3 A3 Bb3 C#4 D4 E4

 Mystic –   C# G# A B C# Eb E F# G#

  G Major 11 notes

(G) B C D E F# G B C D E

  Klezmara  (C) G C C# E F G G# C .


  SALADIN –  D / G A C D Eb F# G A .

 Listen sample of the TUNING FROM ANOTHER HANDPAN MAKER (just for feeling scale):


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