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Didgeridoo from Rasamala wood 159 cm – E

400.00 $

Main note: E  –   Trumpets (1/2): F,C  –  Wood: Rasamala  –  Length: 159 cm  –  Trumpet diameter:  9 cm  – Inner diameter of the mouthpiece: 3 cm  –  Weight: 2,3 kg  –  Cover: included – nylon, shockproof  –  Free worldwide shipping by Air mail UPS(6-9 days)

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This didgeridoo is not very large and to travel with it would be easy. The main note E. More suited to play in the middle and fast speed rhythm. Tree rasamala like overtones on the blood of Australian eucalyptus

Артикул: RS-7 Метки: , , , .
Вес 2.3 kg
Габариты 159 x 9 x 9 cm


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