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Hang drum for sale

Hang drum for sale – C# – Mystic

1,960.00 $

Scale: Mystic

Tuning: C# G# A B C# Eb E F# G#

Diameter: 55 cm

Height: 30 cm

Weight: 4,5 kg

Material: nitrated steel

Bag/cover: included

Available in stock and ready to ship

Free worldwide shipping by EMS(10-17 days) already included in final price. 

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Searching for Hang drum for sale?  Watch different scales on YouTube and train your hearing. You will gradually learn what kind of sound world you like and what scale you like to listen to .

Write down the names of the scales that you like.

Listen to the sound of handpans with Headphones

Watch videos of the highest quality and with headphones. This is the only way to compare sound with reality.

Popular Hang drum for sale Scales


Hang drums with a minor mood sound mysterious . They are sometimes perceived as sad, but much more than that. Melodies in a minor can feel drifting and exciting and Express intense emotions. Minor moods are the most popular Handpan scales, especially Handpans in d-Minor / Kurd and Handpans in Celtic-Minor.

Major. Hang drums with a major mood sound joyous and happy . They are positive and relaxing. Because of this, they are well suited for meditation and music therapy .

The Exotic scale. Exotic hang drums scales differ in sound from Western music . They are distinguished by their Eastern sound , which is often perceived as Indian, Chinese, or Arabic. They can be in either a major or a minor.

Many people are attracted to exotic scales. But you should keep in mind that they can limit the variety of the game in the long run. The melodies composed with them sound fast and identical to the Western taste.

Listen original sound:

 Hang drum Mystic.

A handpan drum tuned in the notes: C# G# A B C# Eb E F# G#

Listen to the sound:

This mysterious and enchanting sound handpan awakens in the soul a very deep and light-with melancholy feelings.

The process of manufacturing stamped in the factory shell for handpan is the treatment of bilateral end-to-end nitriding for a long time.

The Handpan was thermally treated in a muffle furnace at several temperatures not exceeding 400 degrees.
We use high quality iron (steel grade) which when setup can crack, because almost “ceramic”.

Tuning hang drum this material more difficult but they sound much better and stronger.

The thickness of the metal more than other models, which allows not to lose the setting for many years.
Hang drum was tuned twice after nitriding, and finally after firing.

Free worldwide shipping from Russian EMS post  – 11-17 days.

Listen sample of the sound:




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