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Russian vargan “Mini-Phantom” 2-in-1 by Glazyrin

196.00 $

Lamel hardness: solid  ~  Volume: Loud  ~  Reed length, mm: 77   

Size, mm: 110*32*3  –  Weight, g: 50    –   Material: stainless steel

Manufacture: Russia, Ural  –  Free wolrdwide shipping by Air Mail (7-14 days)

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Buy online vargan from one of the best Russian masters – Dmitry Glazyrin. Elegant, stylish medium size frame, light and sensitive spring, loud, harmonic and clean sound. Extremely easy to play by newbies and virtuoso! Phantom-Mini is easiest model from Glazyrin and is one of the few jew’s harp suitable for various stroking techniques without compromising mechanical stability or spectrum integrity. Strongly recommended to all.

Special feature: magnetic ball can be removed from reed ring wich makes a sound higher – it is 2-in-1 jew’s harp. Soft leather case with mounting for detached ball is included.

The small model of the Phantom Jaw’s harp retains the concept of “big brother”, in fact, it is two Jaw’s harps in one. When the magnet is inserted into the ring of the tongue, the harp has a low powerful sound, vibrates strongly, while, unlike the older model, the tongue remains quite rigid, which allows you to better control, play faster. Without a magnet, the harp sounds high, melodic, with characteristic “electric” sounds.

The surface of the Jaw’s harp frame is stylized as matte, poorly processed, there may be minor scratches that do not affect the quality.

Dmitry Glazyrin’s Phantom vargan (Russian harp) is a tongue-shaped musical instrument.

High-quality jaw harp with a powerful and clear sound. Popular in the world harp of the Siberian master, combining the aesthetics of modern form, beauty and clarity of sound at the level of premium class harps. Playing this instrument, you will hear a pleasant, clear and assertive sound, which is harmoniously combined with an elegant and strict appearance. Due to the massive steel plate at the base, this harp is extremely pleasant to hold in your hands, feeling the reliability and weight of the metal.

The combination of size, harmony of sound and reliability make it an attractive choice in favor of this instrument. A distinctive feature of this model of mouth harp is the presence of a removable magnetic ball that is attached to the hole at the end of the tongue of the Jaw harp, thereby changing its sound from mid-frequency to bass. A great two-in-one combination. A great choice for beginners and professionals. The case is designed for careful carrying and storage of the mouth harp. Can be worn around the neck on a string.


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