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The hang instrument – D minor – KURD

1,960.00 $

Scale: KURD

Tuning: D A Bb C D E F G A

Available in stock

Diameter: 53 cm

Height: 28 cm

Weight: 4,6 kg

Material: nitrated steel

Cover: included

Free worldwide shipping by EMS(10-17 days) already included in final price. 

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Play the hang instrument with the  on your lap or placed between your knees. Some performers use a tripod for convenience.
To extract the sound, the handpan is hit with palms, fists, knuckles, nails, and a leather-wrapped stick or bow….
This variety of playing techniques allows you to achieve an amazing timbre variety, resulting in hang drum can sound like a bell or Gong,
or it may resemble a harp or a shaker.

Hang instrument has certain dimensions: its diameter is about 53 cm, and its height is about 28 cm. The dome of the instrument is called Ding, and the bottom is called GU.
On the dome, eight sound regions are arranged in a cross (previously, handpan drum with seven sound regions were produced) – they are slightly concave sections with elliptical “dents”. Eight sectors are placed around the Central area that gives the main tone a quart or a fifth below the lowest tone of the instrument.
In the areas of sound, the main tone (“dent”) and the first two harmonic overtones – the octave and the duodecimum-are also distinguished.
In the center of the lower hemisphere – GU – a large resonator hole is made

The notes on the hang instrument are:

 D A Bb C D E F G A

Listen to the original sound:


It sounds ancient, deep and sad. This is a very versatile scale.

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The best quality, the best sounding handpan drums available today. Each instrument is hand-made with love, hard work and attention to detail. Playing a hang drum can relieve stress and bring relaxation and peaceful energy into your life.

Listen to the sound:

Instrument ready for shipping.

Diameter – 55 sm, higth – 30 sm.

Free worldwide shipping  by Air mail – 10-15 days.

Instrument nitrated.


This hang drum in D minor Kurd differs from the classic D minor in just one note. You can compare and listen to the sound of hang drum here –

A larger selection of hang drums you can find in the Ethnomagic handpan store –

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