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Two-part didgeridoo with steel thread from Teak wood – B

700.00 $

Main note:B- Trumpets (1/2):B,F#,C – Wood:Teak – Length:224cm=101cm+108cm – Bell diameter:12cm – Case: included – Shipping: Free worldwide by Air mail EMS(9-14 days)

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Didgeridoo cost $ 700. Steel connecting thread. Compact didgeridoo for professionals. Very good back pressure. The length of the didgeridoo is 224 cm when twisted. Didgeridoo key b
For easy transportation didgeridoo is made of 2 parts connected by thread stainless steel. The case is already in the kit.

The $ 700 didgeridoo has the following features:

  • the drone and the first trumpet are configured in B key
  • the Trumpets are extracted very easily
  • the Didgeridoo is disassembled into 2 parts and easily transported
  • loud and balanced sound

Modern technologies and understanding the proper didgeridoo sound generation processes have led to the presence of didgeridoos made by humans, not by white ants, at the world market. If you want to buy a professional didgeridoo with the proper sound, its price can reach 1,000 EUR or even more. But believe us that is it worth these money. Only didgeridoos with the right acoustic inner structure will sound properly. Wood species which didgeridoos are made of are also important. Australian eucalyptus is a high-density and hard wood species rich in resin and difficult to process. The prices seem to be high but if you think a bit you will understand why the numbers are such.

As white ants are not spread everywhere and their productivity is quite low, masters do all work for them, cutting the necessary proper form from solid wood. Eucalyptus and teak didgeridoos which are present at our website are made by the master Wauwan living in the distant islands near Australia. Keeping the secret of didgeridoo birth received from his ancestors, Wauwan learned to make didgeridoos from solid wood. Didgeridoos presented at our website have excellent back pressure (necessary for learning the circular breathing technique), are covered by three layers of polyurethane lacquer (preventing the instruments from cracks caused by temperature and humidity leaps), are tested during being manufactured for defects and well processed inside and outside. And the main thing that every instrument is not a souvenir and all of them sound beautiful!




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