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2 part portable didgeridoo from Palisander wood – A

700.00 $

Main note:A- Trumpets (1/2):B,F#,C – Wood:Palisander – Length:236cm=116cm+120cm – Bell diameter:11cm – Case: included – nylon highest quality, shockproof – Shipping: Free worldwide byAir mail EMS(9-14 days)

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Didjeridoo has a very deep voice tuned in to note A. Made of palisander wood. Didgeridoo Collapsible, connected by stainless steel thread. Ideal for creating a meditative mood.

This didgeridoo has a length of 236 cm in a twisted condition. 120 cm is the maximum length of this compact didgeridoo. Tuned to the note A. This is a very bass note that will connect you to the deep vibrations of the earth. The didgeridoo is made of rosewood. Rosewood is characterized by a rich deep color, rich texture pattern. The characteristics of the material are similar to red oak. The array has a high strength to mechanical influences, so it is used for making didgeridoo.

This tree grows in South America, some countries in Africa, in Southeast Asia. Growing conditions affect the color scheme and texture of wood.

ADVANTAGES of rosewood Didjeridoo

Rot resistance and high hardness. The material is resistant to fungus formation, termite infestation and perfectly holds fasteners.
The attractive appearance of the didgeridoo will be in harmony with the bold sound. Rosewood can be repeatedly restored and treated with varnish, so you buy a long-lasting didgeridoo!



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